Motivational Mondays

If you can just listen to the video I was watching the Sugar Ray Leonard 30 for 30 No Mas and found this clip interesting!

Thoughts before Senior Level International Debut November 6th, 2015

Very excited and blessed. As some of you may know my goal since a very young age has been to be an Olympic Champion. And now that I'm weighed in and relaxing in my hotel bed at Park Central in New York City, New York, I'm very very calm. Rumbling to Rio starts tomorrow in a state that guided my Dad's and Uncle Charlie's wrestling career when Coach Lou Giani came to Huntington High School! As I start on this new journey I think about what God had in store for me and my family and it blows my mind what he has put me in position to do and I am amazed! Although I'm not positive on his future plans for me, I know that by continuing to live a holy and sanctified life the prize at the end of it will be greater than any ICE CREAM or award that I can receive while here. Thank you for reading and God Bless.
Kyven Gadson
Be R.A.R.E.