Motivational Mondays

Thoughts after Senior Level International Debut at Bill Farrell on November 8, 2016.

Well, I guess there will be no SPRINKLES on my ice cream tonight, seeing as FLO from Progressive knows that sprinkles are for winners!

On serious note though, today did not go how I planned by any means. I didn't get to my offense; my defense wasn't crisp; and I wasn't active while I was on the mat. 1-2 is how I started off Rumbling To Rio. One win and two losses is how I started off my Olympic Campaign. It stings, it burns. Honestly, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

One thing I know is that PAIN is part of the PROCESS in PROGRESS! I've worked my entire life to get to this point and I'm quite disappointed in myself and my results as they stand. Even in the match that I won I wasn't active and didn't create opportunities to score and that's not what I believe in as a huge promoter of my #beRARE campaign! The first R stands for RELENTLESS which I wasn't in my attacks or in the handfight! The A is for AGGRESSIVE which was not seen on the level that I'm capable of. The next R is for resilience which I will display as I turn the 1-2 record from the Bill Farrell International into a 2016 Olympic Gold Medal! The E can stands for a few different things like Be Energetic, Be Electric, or be an Executor which were all things that I failed to do with any consistency.
If I've learned anything about myself over my 23 years it is that I am RARE and I will continue to strive to reach my goals! The pain, hurt, and embarrassment I felt today is not something that sits well with me. I will change it! Thank you to any and everyone who is supporting me.
See you later!