Dear Jordan Burroughs


Dear Jordan,

No apology needed. Thank you from your brother.

If anyone should be saying SORRY it's us. We put the burden of the sport on the shoulders of one man, and you joyfully accepted it. Not begrudgingly because that's who you are as a MAN. We put you as the face of wrestling and deservingly so because you earned that day after day, tournament after tournament, year after year. We took you away from your family and training for camps, clinics, appearances, hellos, handshakes, hugs, autographs and much more. We pressed you for your time and you rarely ever said "NO" because you didn't want to let US down and you still haven't.

I'm writing this as THANK YOU. Thank you for being an outstanding ambassador for our OG (Oldest & Greatest) Sport in the world, wrestling. However, I don't accept your apology, because it's not warranted, at least not from my point of view! And I'm sure from many others. You've been a great ambassador for this country, this sport, the USA Wrestling Organization and much much more. Like you said, "Something good will come out of this!"

Jordan, the impact you've had on people--from children to adults--is amazing. I remember going into an early workout in March this year before the April Olympic Trials and getting a text from you of my NCAA Finals aftermath. 

I replied and said, "That's not my mom. Just a happy family friend!" And we joked about how ESPN showed the wrong person as my mom. You're real and you displayed your heart to the world. You've inspired a nation with your consistency, grit, determination and I know you will continue to do so because we saw your humanity. In your pain and anguish, the world saw the heart of a champion, of a real man. A real man that has made himself public through victory or defeat, in triumphs or tribulations, in success and failure.

As you know Jordan, "It's all a part of the process. It's the beauty and pain of commitment! Nothing is guaranteed!" Any true champion has been there whether it was in 2010 after your knee surgery, or 2014 after your world championships. We've all been in the position where we were discouraged, hurt and embarrassed. You'll come back from this. You're so much more than your performances on the mat, and I understand it's difficult on days like yesterday to understand that, and just wanted you to know from a brother that I got your back. I appreciate everything you've done for the sport, inside and out, and I know many people who will say the same. Thank You Jordan!


Kyven Gadson

P.S. Let's get some Ice Cream soon. I have the perfect kind! IT'S HEALTHY!!