No Mas, Not Being A Champion

No Mas, Not Being A Champion

On Sunday evening when I got back from working out and had sat down after listening to some church, I decided to flip on the TV. It was already on ESPN so I kept it there! It was about 20 minutes through an episode of the 30 for 30 No Mas about the story of the Great American Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and his rivalry with Panama Legend Roberto Duran! If you have not had an opportunity to watch it I would highly suggest it! 

Right when I turned it on it was just getting through the part where Sugar Ray lost this close fight to Duran. Man was he devastated! He had been training and working his whole life trying to become the best possible boxer he could become and he LOST. So the question is How Do CHAMPIONS Deal w/ Adversity or Losses? 

In the next scene, the interviewer had Sugar talk about the fight and his thought process right afterwards. He said, "I get in the dressing room and that's the worst time for a fighter, after a big fight that he loses, because all of a sudden now I'm by myself and I have to deal and come to grips with what the HELL just happened! And I'm sore. I'm beat up. I mean tears running down my face! And I'm saying, 'I don't need this, I don't NEED this!'" - Sugar Ray Leonard

Because of the way he fought, he gained the respect of many people and was still viewed as a champion. The question still remains 'How Do Champions Deal w/ Adversity or Losses? Because I want you to watch the episode and break it down for yourself, I don't want to go into it any farther. Otherwise, I'll spoil it! There are some great lessons in it though!

One thing I know is that CHAMPIONS - whether in WRESTLING or Life - are R.A.R.E., which makes them true examples of resilient people. They are not quitters; and even when the mind is negative they make a choice to keep striving to be better. Not giving up or giving in, they know that to be a TRUE Champion they must continue to battle and to fight! When they look in that mirror they are looking at a warrior, a fighter, a CHAMPION!

As I look in the mirror today, tomorrow and for the rest of my days, I will challenge myself to be a TRUE CHAMPION in all that I do! Even when dealing with losses like the ones I had this weekend, or the bigger ones like losing my Uncle to suicide or my Father to cancer! Or when facing the common opponent of adversity, I will look in the mirror and say "I AM R.A.R.E. and I AM A CHAMPION!" And that along with God and my faith will carry me through, one day at a time!

Hope you all know that you all can be CHAMPIONS also! YOU just have to make a decision!!

¡no más de no ser un campeón!
No more not being a champion!



My Best,

Kyven Gadson


P.S. Netflix does have the No Mas: 30 for 30!