Mirror Mirror On the WALL!!

Mirror Mirror on the WALL, who is accountable for it all???

If you think someone or something other than yourself is responsible for your happiness or success, I'd guess you're not that happy or successful. - Rob Liano

This quote is so simple, yet it speaks loudly! Growing up wrestling, I remember my Father and I had gone to a wrestling tournament. I was probably 10 years old. 

This particular tournament provided me a really big learning moment. I lost one of my matches on what I believed to be a "controversial call" and didn't think that it was "FAIR." My Dad was also my Coach, so I told him to fix it. "That's what you're there for. You're supposed to make sure unfair things don't happen," I reasoned. On a few different occasions I went back to him with "That's not fair," or "I was cheated, and you're supposed to help me." My Father told me to let it go. He warned me that if I didn't let it go and stop complaining that he would sit me out from wrestling until I was mature enough to handle that sometimes situations are unfair and they don't always go my way! 

Little did I know he was trying to help me learn a harsh truth, although I wasn't having it. Before I knew it I wasn't able to wrestle for about a year. This situation taught me a few different lessons that I will share with you. They not only relate to wrestling, but LIFE as well!

1. Wrestling isn't always fair and neither is LIFE!

2. Sometimes in wrestling and in LIFE you will feel cheated. What are you going to do about it? Complain, bicker, moan, or QUIT?

3. Never rely on the ref to WIN the match. They are humans. They make mistakes and, some can even be biased, which is out of your control!

4. Following up #3, CONTROL what YOU can CONTROL! You control your H.E.A.T. Your HEART, EFFORT, ATTITUDE, and TOUGHNESS! If you don't control those four simple things you don't deserve to WIN and you won't consistently win in wrestling or in LIFE!

5. Never ever blame someone else for your lack of success or your failed results! Be the CEO of your own company and take full responsibility. If you can't be ACCOUNTABLE you can't be GREAT! You have to be the Captain of your own ship or as I like to say,"Be the pilot of your own plane!"

Thank You for reading!


Kyven "Showtime" Gadson

CEO & Founder Gadson Strong

Head Pilot of Gadson Airlines

Motivational Mondays

Thoughts after Senior Level International Debut at Bill Farrell on November 8, 2016.

Well, I guess there will be no SPRINKLES on my ice cream tonight, seeing as FLO from Progressive knows that sprinkles are for winners!

On serious note though, today did not go how I planned by any means. I didn't get to my offense; my defense wasn't crisp; and I wasn't active while I was on the mat. 1-2 is how I started off Rumbling To Rio. One win and two losses is how I started off my Olympic Campaign. It stings, it burns. Honestly, it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

One thing I know is that PAIN is part of the PROCESS in PROGRESS! I've worked my entire life to get to this point and I'm quite disappointed in myself and my results as they stand. Even in the match that I won I wasn't active and didn't create opportunities to score and that's not what I believe in as a huge promoter of my #beRARE campaign! The first R stands for RELENTLESS which I wasn't in my attacks or in the handfight! The A is for AGGRESSIVE which was not seen on the level that I'm capable of. The next R is for resilience which I will display as I turn the 1-2 record from the Bill Farrell International into a 2016 Olympic Gold Medal! The E can stands for a few different things like Be Energetic, Be Electric, or be an Executor which were all things that I failed to do with any consistency.
If I've learned anything about myself over my 23 years it is that I am RARE and I will continue to strive to reach my goals! The pain, hurt, and embarrassment I felt today is not something that sits well with me. I will change it! Thank you to any and everyone who is supporting me.
See you later!

Motivational Mondays

If you can just listen to the video I was watching the Sugar Ray Leonard 30 for 30 No Mas and found this clip interesting!

Thoughts before Senior Level International Debut November 6th, 2015

Very excited and blessed. As some of you may know my goal since a very young age has been to be an Olympic Champion. And now that I'm weighed in and relaxing in my hotel bed at Park Central in New York City, New York, I'm very very calm. Rumbling to Rio starts tomorrow in a state that guided my Dad's and Uncle Charlie's wrestling career when Coach Lou Giani came to Huntington High School! As I start on this new journey I think about what God had in store for me and my family and it blows my mind what he has put me in position to do and I am amazed! Although I'm not positive on his future plans for me, I know that by continuing to live a holy and sanctified life the prize at the end of it will be greater than any ICE CREAM or award that I can receive while here. Thank you for reading and God Bless.
Kyven Gadson
Be R.A.R.E.

Open Letter to the Gadson Strong Family!

Open Letter to the Gadson Strong Family!

As a young man who has been striving to reach goals I will attack this journey to Río and then to the top of the podium with a R.A.R.E. mentality that will showcase my faith, focus, determination, work ethic, and talent! I hope to inspire my followers to make a difference and to go catch your dreams while persevering through the obstacles that you will face in life no matter how big they seem!